Gary Allan Coe, who was one of the individuals who walked through the audience is a registered sex offender.

Coe was part of a group that’s sightseeing bus detoured through the Dolby Theater during the 2017 Academy Awards Sunday night. The group mingled with the celebrities as they walked through.

Coe who was interviewed by ABC 7 Chicago that he was released only three days before from prison for multiple felonies he had committed. It turns out that Coe was busted in 1975 for attempted rape, according to his lawyer Karen Nash.


“He does not have a rape conviction. He served 20 years for petty theft,” Nash wrote on Facebook. “He has a prior from 1975 for attempted rape when he was a teenager.” Nash added that it wasn’t uncommon for defendants with records to receive stiff sentences for minor crimes in the 1990s. “Many great lawyers had clients get draconian sentences like that in the 90s,” wrote Nash, who petitioned for his release. “There was little one could do during the 3 strikes era.”

Coe who was charged with attempted rape by force or fear remains on California’s sex offender registry.