These days, in the world of Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, and all other technologies, nothing is private anymore. OUR GENERATION IS PRETTY MUCH FUCKED IN THE DATING WORLD.

Social media can be either a hit or miss with all the information you can find out about a person. Some people may use social media as a tool to stay connected with friends while others will just judge someone based on their account and become uninterested. With the constant facebook captions, snapchats, and photos we post we’re all predictable.

Getting to know someone is suppose to be fun and mysterious but how could it be when you already stalked their instagram account and know what they did back in 2014. I wish people got to learn about each other by actually asking them questions instead of saying “I follow you on instagram”. Today, in the world of “Dating” everything is so complicated because it’s all a big game and if you don’t play by the rules then you lose.

People want to post about these amazing pretend lives that they dont have to impress people they dont like. Its unfortunate people cant say how they really feel but we live in a world where people are afraid to be genuine.

If you are interested in someone then tell them! Everybody needs to  be like this dude…