The Young Turks make the argument that republicans are trying to turn the whole country into Flint Michigan.

There is no argument however, that Since Donald Trump has been in office, Republicans have been more embolden. They are even starting to give back political gifts to the corporate donors that financially support their party.

As part of the repayment, GOP politicians have begun to extensively repeal environmental protection laws. Repeals like the Stream Protection Rule, that will now allow corporations to pollute the waters and streams of mountain ranges like those in Appalachia. The law republicans argued was holding up jobs and making it harder for coal companies to do business.

Only problem is that cancer rates sky rocketed, when coal companies and other industries were allowed to pollute these precious water ways. Water ways that often act as tributaries to much larger bodies of fresh water. Maybe this is what republicans mean by “Trickle Down Economics?”

Goodbye Stream Protection Rule, who needs clean water anyway!?