1-Day Guide to US National Parks

This is the guide to the national parks of America that will tell you about the most efficient and rewarding way to spend a day in a park.

#1 Glacier National Park, Montana. It has 700 miles of trails for hiking. There is a hidden lake that will give you a great look to the Bear Hat mountain that is called so because of its shape in the form of a bear’s hat.

#2 Utah’s Bryce Canyon. Check out the woodoos in this National Park. They are red rock formations in the shape of pillars ranging from person’s size to 10-storey building size.

#3 Also in Utah – Canyonlands National Park. Watch the sunrise from Mesa Arch in this National Park with its canyons and rocks that make you feel like you landed on a different planet.

#4 Redwood National Park, California has the tallest trees. If you take the road on the south-east side of the state, you will hit –

#5 Yosemite National Park, California, land of the valleys and waterfalls. This is where you will see the iconic Hat Dome and its body El Capitan.

#6 Pictured Rocks National Park in Michigan. It has the deepest in the state lakes. Its pure water is great for scuba diving.


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