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Videos of the Day

Forget The War Against ISIS, Donald Trump Is Losing The War...

Saturday Night Live was forever off my map I thought, until President Elect Donald Trump appeared on the political scene. Now I cant get...

Bail Got You Down?

  So, you know the most expensive bail ever set was for some Wall Street fat cat in the '80's? Yeah, did you know he paid...

The Moment Tomi Lahren Realized She Was Actually an Idiot

Trevor Noah has now earned my respect after expertly skewering conservative millennial pundit, and internet sensation Tomi Lahren. In this recent Daily Show interview...

Let’s pause before blaming racism on release of Joe McKnight’s shooter

Joe McKnight, who played running back at the University of Southern California, the NFL’s New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, and CFL’s Edmonton...

Holiday Tech Toys For All

Have you covered your holiday shopping list yet? Finding the perfect gift for those you love can be a daunting task, but you don't...

Catch The Game Awards 2016 From IGN

2016 had a lot to offer in terms of awesome game play experiences, and with the The Game Awards having wrapped up the action for...

What’s Inside The Trunk Of A Police Car?

Police officers run into some insane situations that they can rarely prepare for, and having the right tools to get the job done could...

Insane Motorcycle Chase In Brazil

Using a motorcycle as a getaway vehicle, one man in Brazil, accused of theft, can be seen getting chased down by an officer who...

No, Conor McGregor is not going to fight Floyd Mayweather

So Conor McGregor just got his license to box in the state of California, which some immediately took as the clearest indicator yet that...


The bar scene! An activity with a sliding scale of enjoyability, based on two factors: the location, and well, the bar. No matter the...

What Is Really Happening in Cuba After Fidel Castro’s Death

Cubans have been cheering and celebrating the death of Fidel Castro, a dictator that ruled the small island of Cuba for more than...

Massive Tennessee Wildfire Leaves Destruction in its Wake

Firefighters have been battling one of the biggest fires that Gatlinburg, Tenneessee has had in a century. The deadly fire has caused the...

Road Rage – Guy In Neon Jump Suit Loses His Shit!

Road rage to the max! First the neon green jump suit dude freestyle wrestles the poor guy. Then he runs his flat bed truck into...

HI-LO & Sander van Doorn – WTF

Brand spanking new official music video form Sander van Doorn and Hi-Lo. The new song is called WTF, and it has some familiar lyrics,...
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Patrick Zarrelli aka Kid Chronic is a tech CEO and political pundit living and working out of beautiful South Florida. He was born in New York, primary schooled in Virginia, and college educated at the one and only Florida State University!
Hi, I'm a blogger for the world famous Print Killer Media Network. It's a Florida based company with readers all over the world. I like boating, fishing, water sports, watching and playing hockey.
Lois Lane
Born in Colombia, raised in Miami 305, Florida State Alumni, Go Noles! Love learning, traveling, reading, and writing! Would love to just travel the world to help others but for now just trying to have as much fun, peace, love and trips that I can possibly fit in this lifetime!
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My name is Kurt and I am a Blogger for the awesome Video God. I live in the beautiful city of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I love hanging out with friends, going to the beach and living everyday to the fullest. Tacos are my favorite food ever.
From the streets of Baltimore, Guardian now graces the beautiful sands of South Florida, bringing the hottest entertainment news on the web!
Evan H. writes. He is from the North. He lives in the South. He loves his family.
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